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ESD Floor surface measurements

 Conductive and dissipative ESD floors are one of the most important elements of EPA construction and functioning.

 Nowadays there are many antistatic floor surface offers. As a rule ESD protective characteristics are achieved by adding conductive components to an ordinary commercial or industrial surfaces. In this case it is crucial to observe the technology since quite often nonprofessional workers do not manage to achieve the correct proportion while mixing normal and conductive components. Offering “genuine” antistatic surface such contractors often prove ESD protective properties with the help of inappropriate documentation or even ask to rely of their reputation.

 If your company plans to implement ESD protective floor surface on a big territory you should obviously be sure in your choice. This is even more important if later sophisticated equipment (e.g. production lines, conveyers, pick-and-place machines etc.) will be placed on the surface.

 To prove ESD-protective characteristics of the chosen surface it is necessary to hold a complex of special measurements. Firstly, specialized professional equipment is needed to get the correct figures. And due to the cost of this equipment (approximately €5000), the purchase of this equipment is often a problem to many companies which offer implementation of ESD protection. Secondly, it is necessary to know which figures prove antistatic characteristics and thus are to be measured. Special, profound and certified knowledge is required to use measuring instruments correctly.

 ESD-Expert LLC offers you a service of measuring antistatic characteristics of floor surface in accordance to international standards IEC 61340-4-1 and IEC 61340-5-1.

 During these measurements we prove the conformance to the standards, work out recommendations how to correct the non-conformances (where it is possible) and how connect the ground the floor.

 After the ESD characteristics measurements you get:

  • a detailed report;
  • results of measurements which characterize antistatic floor surface;
  • a conclusion about the accordance to standards IEC 61340-4-1 and IEC 61340-5-1;
  • assurance in the future life of the chosen floor surface.


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