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ESD Trainings

 Personnel training is a critical element in the implementation of an ESD control program, since without it the staff is often the major risk source. In the beginning of 1990s the production culture was lost on many factories. By the highest standards, ESD protection training helps to resurrect and maintain this undeservingly forgotten concept.

 According to the international standards for correct composition and execution of an ESD control program in your company a responsible employee – an ESD coordinator must be assigned. Among those who work or somehow get in touch with ESDS, an ESD coordinator holds basic training, for them to understand the protective equipment and methods and be an effective ESD protection element.

 ESD-Expert LLC offers ESD coordinators’ training in accordance to international standards IEC 61340-5-1 and IEC 61340-5-2.

 ESD-Expert LLC specialists are always ready to develop and conduct a training which complies with your business needs. During the ESD coordinators’ training, the program is adapted to your company’s specification and we observe real situations of absence or misuse of ESD protection elements.

Moreover you will be able to integrate ESD coordinators’ training into your corporate system of assessment, education and development of your personnel.

During the ESD coordinator training we cover the following aspects of the subject:

  • fundamentals of ESD;

  • peculiarities of ESD control program on a factory;

  • the role of each employee in the program.

After the ESD coordinators’ training you get:

  • staff which is aware of how to organize ESD control program on a factory;

  • an ability to conduct internal audits according to a quality management system;

  • nominal certificates of ESD coordinators;

  • decrease of defective due to ESD products share.

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